Actu Bon Plan

Camping Escapades

It is always fun to camp on the beach with friends and family. Here’s a selection of upcoming camping events. 

Underwater excursion: August 18, 2018If you are a scuba diving enthusiast, this trip is for you. You will discover an astonishing diverse mix of fauna and flora of Sidi Mechreg. 

06h00: Meet at Mohamed V
06h30: leave for Sidi Mechreg
07h30: Meet at Menzel Bourguiba Jardin Stuttgart
09h30: Departure to Eco-Rand Sidi Mechreg
10h00: Arrival to Snorkeling Randonnée Subaquatique and start the adventure
14h30: a Guest table at Eco-Rand Sidi Mechreg
17h00: return to Tunis
19h30: Arrival 

Price 70 TND/Person

Reserve before August 13, 2018

Phone number: 25 537 594/ 29 178 374

Facebook: click here

Camping at “Marsa Ensee”: August 4-5, 2018Explore the Louka beach and enjoy the cool water and camping vibes.

Price: 50 TND/Person + 10 TND for tent

Phone number: 56150097/ 27125464

Facebook: Click here

Adventures at Cap Farina: August 5-6Price: 35 TND

Phone number: 58189585

Facebook: click here

Camping Marsa Dhouiba: August 5-6 Price: 40 TND

Phone number: 23 145 156/ 53 845 156

Facebook: Click here

Camping and Snorkeling at Sidi Mechreg: August 11-12

Price: 85 TND/Person

There are WCs and showers.

Phone number: 27125464/56150097

Camping at Kerkennah: August 24, 25, 26


 Thursday, August 23:
23h00: Meet in front of the Tourism ministry for departure
Friday, August, 24:
12h00: Departure to Sfax
05h00: Departure to Kerkennah
07h00: Visit Corniche Ramla and coffee break
09h00: Tour Kerkennah Islands and visit main monuments:

- El Abbassia museum
- Patrimony museum
- Visit  El Kraten port

- Sidi Ben N’khal
- El Attaya Port
13h00: Lunch
14h30: Departure to the camping location

15h00: Arrival: Free time bathing, prepare dinner
20h00: Dinner
21h30: Animation

Saturday, August 25
07h00: Breakfast
08h00: Cruise, bathing & lunch: Cross the island with a team of local fisherman. 

16h00: End of the boat trip

18h00: Return to camp

19h00: Prepare dinner

Sunday, August 26:
07h00: Breakfast
From 08h00 to12h00: Free time

15h00: Return to Tunis
Arrival to Tunis at 19h30 

Price 135 TND + 5 TND for tent

Phone number: 27125464/56150097

Facebook: Click here