L'Instant English Moment Episode 1 : Youth Empowerment in Tunisia

Founded in 2015 and based in Tunis, Tunisia, L’Instant M is a media outlet dedicated to supporting youth, art, culture, and entrepreneurship across the Middle East and North Africa. Responding to the continuing shift in Tunisian society towards English language usage, we partnered with Matt Gordner, co-founder of Tanmiya for Social Change, and RPMS, to create an English web series dedicated to current affairs in the region informed through local knowledge and world-class expertise.

The first episode centers on youth empowerment in Tunisia within the context of Tunisia’s current economic and political crisis. Data and interviews for the episode are derived from Matt Gordner’s decade-long research on youth politics across the country. Gordner is a Canadian political scientist and policy analyst, and Tanmiya for Social Change supports human-centered development and citizen empowerment across the Middle East and North Africa. The episode also features Fadhel Kaboub, Denison University Associate Professor of economics, who delves into the political economy of dependency in Tunisia and the global south.

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